Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our 1 Year Anniversary in Hong Kong

Hello again everyone--

Pepper back in action here. We have approached our 1 year anniversary here in Hong Kong, which also happens to coincide with National Week.

And what a year it has been! We have been to new places, made new friends, found new sitters and even caught up with friends from New York who have also relocated back to Hong Kong.We even have business cards with our blog and a FaceBook page too!

We marked our anniversary at the Peak today, and lunched with Mummy and Daddy at the Peak Lookout. We have not been to the Peak for quite a few months now, so it was time for such a family outing. Overall today was an enjoyable day. We look forward to more of these simple pleasures now that the weather is pug friendlier.

Until next time my friends... Chestnut's upcoming 5th birthday is at month end. He's hitting middle age. And find out what I will be for Halloween.

Pugs and kisses,

Pepper Marli

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