Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monkey in Pug disguise

Chestnut: I am letting the cat out of the bag, rather the monkey, on my sister, Pepper. Pepper is actually a monkey in the body of a black pug. I wonder how she compares to the monkeys on Monkey Mountain in Shatin. SHHHH!!!! I am not supposed to voice this aloud. This is our secret.

More on Monkey Mountain later. We have not yet made an excursion there, but I suspect Pepper might be in good company at Monkey Mountain.

Yesterday afternoon, while Mummy was tending to our ears, we were separated, as Mummy had some real cleaning to do on our ears. In her jealousy and envy of YOURS TRULY, Pepper felt compelled to make a scene. And what a scene it was.

I have not seen Mummy lose her cool in a while. Pepper was quite naughty yesterday afternoon. Mummy very trustingly left her coffee out on the arm rest tray. Low and behold! While Mum was in the bathroom cleaning my ears this pug-hog-monkey managed to knock over Mum's mug of unfinished coffee (Sometimes I wonder whether she is only just a MONKEY in the elongated body of a black pug. Pepper seems part HOG too..).

I suspect Mum left out the coffee in another attempt to press Dad on reupholstering the much-hated sofa. Instead, Mummy has found herself with another list of vendors she never intended to know about. Reupholstering cleaners like DuraClean, ChemDry, Phoenix and Viking...

This Pepper has squandered our foie gras biscuit and Canine Caviar buffalo stick allowance needlessly on the cleaners who charge more livers and buffalo sticks than I can have in a year!
So there we have Pepper who has revealed her true self just in time for Halloween. Schizomonkhogpug... What a sight that would be..

Pepper: I am so completely misunderstood by all these humans and my brother, Chestnut! I thought Mum and Dad despised that sofa and its hideous silver grey green sheen. So while Mum tended to Chestnut, I thought I would do them a huge favor by letting them have an excuse to go back and have their human seating reupholstered. This is sooo unfair! Only Seva's mum understands! Regardless, I think I should be rewarded with Bouchon foie gras biscuits and Canine Caviar buffalo sticks. It is no wonder I am more welcome in Repulse Bay...

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