Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's My Birthday... It's My Birthday

I have had the best birthday ever! This morning Mum, Dad, Pepper and I celebrated my birthday with a walk to the Peak with my new friends, Choco and Muffin, a Pomeranian and Pug, respectively, and their Mum. And shortly before our walk to the Peak, we started our morning with doggy birthday cake. Now I think that's how we should start every morning!

I even received a present from Choco and Muffin's Mum! Technically, the gift (spinach chicken treats) is meant to be shared with Pepper, but I am eager to have it all. I know, I know, this is wishful thinking. So back to chronicle of events that happened today..

We met up with Choco, Muffin and their Mum, had cake and walked to up the Peak. Only this time, we didn't take the usual way up turning right past the Red House onto Barker Road, but left. We still ended up at the Peak, but explored some other trails.

It was rather exciting. And see us tumble on the grass along an abandoned trail! The excitement did not stop. When we got home, we rested a few hours. Later, after Daddy and Mummy deceitfully brought us into the tub for a shower. We were then compensated with 2 dinners! Wellness followed by real chicken in rice. After, I even got a new bed to sleep on.

Like I said, everyday should be my birthday. How lovely it was.

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