Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuen Ng.. Dragon Boat or lack thereof...

Happy Tuen Ng (Duan Wu Jie)!!

This heat and humidity are really kicking us in the butt (or smooshy face should we say). With the temperature at 29 Celsius and humidity at 80%, Mummy and Daddy have now resorted to taking us out on early morning walks that last no longer than 45 minutes, and by 8 A.M. we are back in the apartment cool as cucumbers.

So today was Tuen Ng festival where lore has it a wise, old advisor, Wut Yuan (during the Chu kingdom), to the emperor drowned himself after his long opposition and suspicions to an alliance with the Qin kingdom proved true when the Qin used the alliance to rid the Chu. In his despair, he committed suicide by drowning. However, because he was much loved by all, nobody wanted his body to be eaten away by the fish. Villagers devised a plan, whereby, Wut Yuan's body would eventually be recovered, while the fish could feed on rice dumplings or zong.

Today and yesterday, we could only salivate watching Daddy eat rice dumplings. A huge lump of rice with fillings of meat, egg yolk and various ingredients wrapped in green leaves we were anxious to try some. Alas, that was not to be.

SO as our way (or any way of observing the holiday safely for any animal) of observing the festival, zongzi eating was the way to go. In our case, we got fed carrot and celery sticks in place on zongzi.

Pugs and smooches,

C. & P.

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