Monday, May 16, 2011

Mummy and Daddy's visit to China

Hello all:

Chestnut and Pepper posting together today. Mummy went to China and left us poor pugs with Daddy for almost a week. We can't whine too much as Mummy went for a good cause, Pediatric AIDS Treatment Support or just PATS. Thank goodness she hired a really good sitter, Sophie, of Pitter Patter Pet Care.

We had a blast with Sophie, even though we missed our parents.

Now that they're both back, we have another announcement! While Mummy was in China, she and my auntie, Eliza, came up with an idea to promote PATS with us pugs as mascots. Meeooowwwww and Mooooohhhhhhh! Mummy thought it appropriate since we pugs have Chinese lineage we should be promoting awareness on children with HIV and AIDS in rural China.

It's really sad. Mummy says we are very fortunate to have parents, whereas these kids do not, and largely because their parents wanted to give them and their families a better life by selling blood. They did, but the needles weren't clean. Many of their parents contracted HIV, and are now no longer alive to love them and take care of them. Even the kids have HIV because many of these kids were born to already HIV+ parents (the same parents who sold blood).

We now even have a Facebook page as mascots for PETS for PATS. Please check us out on Facebook!

Pugs and kisses,

Chestnut and Pepper

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