Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ching Ming in Stanley

Hello humans and doggies:

Chestnut and I are resting from a long, long day out. Yesterday was Ching Ming, where we were supposed to pay respects to our deceased ancestors. Well our deceased are in the States, and luckily for us our mummy and daddy took us for a visit to Stanley.

Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to be at Stanley too... We met up with my dear friend, Seva, and her mum where we also stopped by a little makeshift temple by Stanley promenade. Notice us "pay" respects to our pug ancestors at the make shift temple.

After temple, we were seated at the Pickled Pelican for lunch where I perched atop of mummy's lap and Chestnut on daddy's.

Stanley and then lunch.. Makes us quite pampered pugs... Then to sleep.

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