Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Moved their Cheese?

Hi All,

Mummy and Daddy are punishing us this evening. They're saying we moved their cheese. Honestly, we thought it was meant for us. Chestnut and I stumbled upon Mummy's newly bought Igsigny Brie from Oliver's this evening. The brie was meant to be their dinner. It ended up as dinner for us compliments of .. You guessed it. MOI!

Well stumbled is sort of an understatement, but you see, Mummy bought a bag of toys too. She left it on the sideboard.

In my attempt to get hold of the toys, I can only let you speculate, but will not spill the beans on how I managed to get hold of the cheese. Needless to say I and Chestnut, my brother enjoyed it so much. When Mummy finally discovered we had had the cheese, we were nearly finished. Mummy was so horrified that we managed to:
1) eat her and Dad's dinner
2) get hold of the incredibly delicious, creamy French cheese
3) possibly get sick (which is remote, in my very humble opinion)

So Mummy proclaims we are not having our Wellness dinner this evening, instead Daddy has fed us some charcoal tablets, lest we get sick. Mummy says the amount of cheese would be equivalent to at least 3-4 human servings. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm good! It was lovely. Except for no Wellness dinner. Ok well signing off now, fellow kid followers. This cheese needs to hold us over til tomorrow morning. Saving my energy until Mummy decides to feed us some Wellness again..

Pugs and brie smooches,

Pepper and Chestnut

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