Friday, February 4, 2011

On the 2nd Day of Lunar New Year...

Hello my friends! It's Pepper here today...

I have to spill the beans on my brother, Chestnut. He's a 'fraidy cat.. Yes, MEEOOOOOOWWW.

Yesterday morning, which is the second day of the Lunar New Year, Mummy and Daddy took us downstairs to observe the traditional Chinese lion dance taking place at our apartment complex. From several stories above, we could already hear clinging and clanging raucous caused by the cymbals and drums. Needless to say, I was not so into it all, but as usual Chestnut, who thrives on such excitement and noise loved it.

Daddy tells us that the lions are meant to scare the bad spirits away so we will have a good start for the new year, but they seemingly also scared my brother away! My nosy brother, Chestnut, was very curious in observing the two dancing lions at first, however, when a white lion approached him, he got so scared he ended being wedged underneath the balustrade of the water fountain. Daddy had to retrieve him as he was just a step from falling into the fountain! And what a sight that would have been!!! My brother detests water. That was hilarious because Chestnut always likes to play with bigger creatures multiples of his size, but I guess not this time with the white lion!

Ok, we've had too much clanging now. We need some good rest before we check in again. 'Til then check out our video clips of the lions dancing.

Pugs & smooches,


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