Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lunar New Year, Year of Rabbit

Gong hay fat choi (Gong xi fa cai)! We are celebrating our first Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. This year Pepper and I are celebrating with Mummy and Daddy the year of the Bunny Rabbit.

Today, we received lai see (or red envelopes) filled with $$$, unfortunately $$$ is not directly useful to us. We prefer yummy treats of either Smooches or Nuzzles. Mummy and Daddy say that receiving red envelopes mean prosperity and good fortune. As children, they were delighted to receive these lai see. Well, like we said, lai see is not directly useful to us. Mummy contends that with enough lai see we can buy our favorite Canine Caviar beef tendons. Ok, let's start counting up our lai see then...

Tomorrow, in line with tradition, will be a dragon dance taking place downstairs at our apartment complex. Mummy and Daddy are bringing us down to view it along with whatever festivities that entail. Chat with you after the Dragon Dance.

pugs and kisses!!

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