Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Healthy living in Hong Kong

Happy Holidays from Chestnut and Pepper! We are enjoying our new adventure and home here in Hong Kong... But being in a new and unfamiliar place, Mummy and Daddy say it's been more difficult to find our stuff for puggy upkeep here. The Hartz wee pads have been replaced by a Japanese brand wee pad that measures smaller in size (lengthwise and width). Is everything just smaller here too or are we getting chunkier?

Mummy and Daddy say never fear... WE found a place Whiskers N Paws in Ap Lei Chau for our Wellness brand dog food. We even shared some with Seva, while Mum and Dad were away on holiday and we stayed over at Seva's home with her parents in Repulse Bay. We played, played and played for 5 days! Seva loves our Wellness dog food too...

Another day before we got extra Wellness, Mummy made us a very special treat of chicken, rice and veggies.

Mummy's recipe below for healthy home-made dog food---

400 g skinless chicken breast (organic free range chicken preferable)
2-3 carrot sticks (diced/chopped)
1/2 stalk of celery (diced/chopped)
half capsule of probiotic (optional)
1 cup uncooked rice (more if you like, as cooked rice can keep in the refrigerator a few days)

Wash rice once or twice. Place into cooker and press to start rice cooker. Alternately, a small pot used to cook the rice will suffice but must watch the pot carefully for under or overcooking the rice.

Wash chicken breast thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Please on a ceramic dish. In large deep pan, fill with ~1/3 or ~1/2 water. Boil water in pan. When water has boiled, place a boiling/steam rack into pan and place the chicken and ceramic dish into the pan. Cover with lid and let steam for about 10-12 minutes (until fully cooked).

After chicken has been fully steamed, let chicken cool for 15-20 minutes. Shredding the chicken during this time will allow the chicken to cool quicker. Let rice cool for 10-15 minutes as well.

With measuring cup, mix proportions of chicken and rice equal to dog's size and proportion of food usually eaten per meal amount. Top chopped carrots, celeries and vegetables over chicken and rice. Add a half capsule of probiotic (can be purchased at CitySuper or 360). Probiotic helps aid in digestion. Mix everything well. Voila! Yummy home-cooked dog food is ready to be served.

Veggies can be kept raw (just wash thoroughly) since essential vitamins can vanish when cooked.

Enjoy... we know you might be too busy eating the homemade dog food to look up and follow anymore.. we have done the same

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