Thursday, November 25, 2010

New friend from Repulse Bay

Pepper here posting to the pug blog. We're just back from a delightful weekend of exploring Hong Kong by car, paws (and feet) and sea. Mummy and Daddy took us out to Repulse Bay this past weekend where we made a new friend, Seva, a 5 month old female black mixed pup from the HKDR.

Mummy says Seva is just like me, nerves abound probably because of the rescue. Nevertheless, like Seva, I have a wonderful family to love and kiss me. I even kissed Seva's mummy b/c she's so enamored with me. Seva, though, was a wee bit jealous.

WE had so much fun playing then afterward walked from Repulse Bay to Deepwater Bay where Mummy, Daddy and we sat down by the Thai shack next to the beach. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed some quite delish Thai food which really tempted us, but alas, we weren't allowed any.

Well if more weekends were spent like this we sure are really enjoying Hong Kong.

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