Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 9

So with the passing of my first birthday, my daddy and mummy figured I would have stopped chewing by now.... NOT! It's not like they didn't have a baby pug prior to me. Chestnut, my brother, is still such a chewer. Just I get into trouble because I usually start the chewing first.

Great drats! Daddy took me and Chestnut yesterday to Petland where I thought we were in for a treat. Some of that bullystick Chestnut gets is what I want my paws on! But NOOOOOOOOOOO...

Daddy comes back with a muzzle for me. Poor 'lil me.

Mummy was surprised that Daddy even found one for us snoutless pugs. No fair! Chestnut doesn't have one.

I'm getting my revenge on all of you for sure.. Just you wait.

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