Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chestnut's birthday...

Happy Birthday to me... Happy birthday to me.... Happy birthday dear me...

It's me, Chestnut! I'm about to turn 3 years old tomorrow. What a pugalicious week it's been.

Well, Mummy and Daddy left me and Pepper Mar Mar over at my betrothed Spanky's, while they partied hard in the Caribbean. But all was well. I got to show Spanky how debonair and pugsome I am. I sure did show Spanky, by running into little Jessie's playpen and lifted my hind leg, and VOILA! I peed like a boy should. Mummy was really upset when she found out. But I always get my way... Spanky's mum, Valerie, loves me to death. She would never punish me. In fact, after I showed them ALL, Valerie picked me up, and cooed, smooched and apologized for having ignored me in the first place. That's right, I should be treated like a king, after all, I was the Emperor's beloved pet back in the Forbidden City.

And of course, my irritating little sister Pepper Marli followed both Spanky and I around like there was no tomorrow.

I wonder what Mummy has in store for me tomorrow. I usually get a doggy cake and celebrate with Spanky and other pugs. Can't wait.

For that annoying lil sis Pepper's birthday, Mummy got her foie gras baked biscuits from Bouchon. Surely, I'll do better since I'm going to be 3! But then Mommy and Daddy have complained that I'm getting really chubby.

Let's see...

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