Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pepper, the gum-chewing pug

Hi All,

Chestnut here doing some narrating today. I must tell you the latest escapade my 'lil monkey sis, Pepper, has gotten herself involved in this time. In fact, it's so bad that's why I'm relating the story, not her, since she's recuperating.

Last night, Mommy came home to find that her bag had been ransacked, and all the Extra sugarless chewing gum (2 bags, mind you!) had been gobbled up by.. You guessed it! Pepper pug.. Needless to say Mommy was quite horrified, although Pepper was squealing with delight at the seemingly yummy gum. With that Mommy and Daddy phoned the vet, right after they fed Pepper charcoal tablets (Pet Mommies and Daddies take note: Xylitol in sugarless gum is toxic for us doggies! Charcoal tablets help absorb toxins in the body).

Over the next 12 hours, Pepper vomited 5 times, resulting in Daddy taking her to see the vet. The blood test showed that Pepper's liver enzyme was 5X above the maximum level. Very dangerous indeed! Puggies like Pepper really like to live on the edge.

The vet then gave Pepper some yucky-looking and probably yucky-tasting medicine and ordered her to be on strict diet (of chicken and rice) for the next few days. Hmmm... that last part doesn't sound so bad. Maybe I should have some gum too! So bed rest for Pepper for the next few days. You can send some love my way. Mommy and Daddy have been too preoccupied with Pepper the last 24 hours. I sure need some attention and TLC.

Pugs and Kisses!


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