Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from Long Island

Chestnut signing on today...

Just back from East Hampton. Guess Pepps and I have built up a local fan base. There we were, with Mummy and Daddy, on Main Street, window shopping. Everyone was just coming up to us, well, mostly Pepps and then turning to me and going gaga over us.

I'm pretty debonair. Something that Pepps and her goofiness lack. Maybe it's her size. She's petite. But it's not like I'm fat either!

WE had the most fun out there. Pepps and I ran all over the place. Such grass! Mummy and Daddy finally got it into their heads that I can't swim. They almost drowned me out by the pool! Pepps proved herself the country girl she is. Paddling from the pool and back onto shore.. errmm, rather grass that is.

Ok I'm pooped from East Hampton. Pug lovers-- til next time.

Pugs and kisses,

Chestnut and Pepper-Marli

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